The Top 10 Financial Magazines’ Predictions For 2022

With the ever-changing digital economy, there’s no telling what the next 10 years will bring. This article takes all of these uncertainties into account and makes predictions for the future of finance magazines in 2022.

The Top 10 Finance Magazines’ Predictions For 2022

Looking to make some money in the next year or two? Check out the top 10 finance magazines’ predictions for 2022.

1. Forbes
2. Kiplinger’s Personal Finance
3. The Wall Street Journal
4. Morningstar Investment Advisory
5. CNNMoney
6. Bloomberg LP
7. TheStreet
8. USA Today/Gannett Company, Inc.
9. The Financial Times Ltd. and Bloomberg Lp
10. Barron’s

Why Do They Make Predictions?

Financial magazines often make predictions to help their readers make informed decisions. These predictions can be about the stock market, the economy, or other aspects of life.

One of the most popular financial magazines is Forbes. Forbes has made a number of predictions about the stock market and the economy in recent years. Some of these predictions have been accurate, while others have not. However, one prediction that Forbes made in 2017 was particularly accurate.

In 2017, Forbes predicted that global economic growth would reach 3%. This prediction was correct, and it helped to drive investment and prices higher over the course of the year. Many other financial magazines made similar predictions about the state of the economy in 2017, but none of them were correct. It is important to note that predictions are never 100% accurate, but they can provide useful information for investors.

What Some Experts Say About Predictions

Some experts believe that predictions in the financial magazine industry are often unreliable. They say that predictions usually only reflect the opinions of the people making the predictions, rather than taking into account actual events.

One example of this is the prediction made by Forbes in 2008 that the stock market would reach its peak that year. The stock market actually peaked in late 2007, and did not reach its predicted level until late 2009. This prediction led many people to lose a lot of money.

Another example is the prediction made by Goldman Sachs in 2006 that mortgage-backed securities would be a good investment. This prediction led to widespread speculation on these securities, which resulted in a financial crisis in 2007.

Three Ways Predictions Could Influence Your Life

The Top Financial Magazines are predicting a lot in the coming year. Here are three ways their predictions could influence your life.

1. Predictions About The Economy
One of the most important predictions from these magazines is that the economy is going to be better in 2018 than it was in 2017. This prediction is based on the assumption that the markets will go up and that wages will rise. If these predictions come true, it could mean a lot of money in your pocket.

2. Predictions About Your Health
Another prediction from these magazines is that you will have a better health year in 2018 than you did in 2017. This prediction is based on the assumption that you make healthier choices and that you don’t get sick as often as you used to. If this prediction comes true, it could mean less time spent at the doctor’s office and more time enjoying your life.

3. Predictions About The Stock Market
One of the most important predictions from these magazines is that the stock market will go up in 2018. This prediction is based on the assumption that there are good opportunities to invest in stocks and that investors are optimistic about the future.


The biggest financial magazines are out with their predictions for the year ahead, and they all have some pretty interesting things to say. Forbes is predicting that the stock market will rise by 20%, while Money Morning is forecasting a 10% increase. However, despite these rosy predictions, there are other publications that believe that this could be the year of reckoning for investors. Bank rate is advising people to sock away as much money as possible in case markets start crashing, and Kiplinger has issued a warning about overspending and debt loads. So who’s right? Only time will tell!

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